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Cash, Chicks, and Code ... a CNO developer's mantra.

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It's certainly no Unreal engine, but interesting nonetheless.

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... because programmers are masochists.

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This was a fun brain teaser to model in code.

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Maybe the test should be to determine "how" human you are ... gives some more wiggle room.

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Participating in CTFs is fun. It's important to remember the solutions are typically right in front of you if you use the right tools to look.

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Now we can all make SkyNet.

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I've always hated OOP and feel comforted that now so does everyone else.

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Ruby on Rails ... is a language framework that is very easy to have a love/hate relationship with. When things "just work", it's beautiful. But when they don't?

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An entire program written with nothing but MOV instructions?

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On-line tutorial for programming a basic, x86 PC bootstrap and binary image loader in assembly language.

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Back in the day, you could get a huge performance boost from manually tweaking the RAM refresh rate.

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Now everyone can play with malware.

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The truly sado-masochist developers will not only dive into assembly, but into the executable format itself to create the smallest, tightest program possible.

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