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Microsoft has been contributing to the Linux kernel for many years, specifically to get driver support for Hyper-V to function properly. As a matter of fact, their efforts were recognized by the Linux Foundation as putting Microsoft among the top 1% of Linux contributors. That recognition was recently discolored a little by a lack of professionalism in their code contributions. The following entries were submitted into the kernel ...

#define HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_LO               0x00000000
#define HV_LINUX_GUEST_ID_HI               0xB16B00B5

1337 speak for 'Big Boobs', the entry was noticed during an examination of changes through Git. This somewhat amusing back and forth between Linux developers shows the discovery of the 0xB16B00B5 constant which in turn was 'solved' by recommitting the code in decimal form instead of hexadecimal. Apparently, this constant has been in use by Microsoft long enough they responded, "While the hypervisor does not interpret the guest ID that is registered, I am not sure what dependencies there might be on this value" with regards to changing it to something else.

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