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MegaMillions Lottery
Pattern Analysis

Winning numbers from July 12, 2024.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th MegaBall

As of 28 October 2017, the MegaMillions lottery changed to use 5 balls ranging from 1 to 70 followed by a sixth MegaBall ranging from 1 to 25. This historical analysis spans the current MegaMillions configuration with 700 drawings spanning from October 31, 2017 through the drawing on July 12, 2024. Check back on this page regularly for the latest, dynamically generated historical analysis following each new drawing.

Patterns of ALL the Numbers
Most Frequent Numbers Least Frequent Numbers
Hot Numbers Cold Numbers

Some players believe letting it ride (the most frequently winning) is the optimal approach to choosing winning numbers. Others believe that if every number has an equal chance of appearing, the least frequent numbers just may be due for the next win. Yet another strategy is to play the "clumped" numbers that have been hot recently or to find the numbers that haven't since that hot streak has to end soon.

Patterns of Specific Numbers
First Ball Patterns Second Ball Patterns
Third Ball Patterns Fourth Ball Patterns
Fifth Ball Patterns MegaBall Patterns

Ever see 1,2,3,4,5 win? Ensure your numbers are "spread out" in accordance with common winning distributions. It's not just about picking the most frequent numbers, study the most likely balls to occupy the various positions.

Patterns of Number Groups
Winning Pairs Winning Triples
Winning Quadruples

Do certain pairs of numbers tend to win together? Analyze the most frequent winning pairs. It doesn't happen as frequently, but triples and quadruples have won before as well.

NOTE: Remember, the historical occurence of numbers is NO GUARANTEE of continued performance or future occurence. While players have a 1 in 15 chance of winning a prize, the mathematical odds of winning the MegaMillions jackpot are still 1 in 250 million. For more chances at winning it big, try the PowerBall Pattern Analysis site as well for more dynamic lottery statistics.

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