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Ephemeral Bulletin Boards


This bulletin board service allows for anonymous and ephemeral group posting. Create your own board, share the URL hash with your group, use optional in-browser AES encryption/decryption, and begin conversing over HTTPS. Posts will be automatically deleted after approximately 2 days and unused boards will be automatically deleted after 1 week of inactivity.

How To Use

  • Click the link to create a new personal board.
  • Share the new URL with your friends.
  • Start posting.
  • Let the content expire and auto-delete.
  • Worried about network monitoring? Access the site with ToR.
  • Worried about data at rest? Encrypt your posts with AES (built-in) or use another algorithm like GnuPG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to register?

A: NO. By not having an account on the site, there's nothing to track. You can optionally add a "name" when posting to differentiate posts with your friends or leave it blank.

Q: Can you add features like image uploading, music that plays on my board, etc.?

A: NO. Go back to FaceBook and MySpace.

Q: Can you help me find or edit my board?

A: NO. There is no technical support. Just let it expire and age off.

Q: Somebody found my board and is posting annoying content - can you remove them?

A: NO. Since there are no registrations, there are no users to block. Just make a new board and don't let them know it's URL.

Q: Are you cataloging my boards and posts?

A: NO. There is no master index or searchable catalog for your board to be found. If you lose your link - you probably won't find it either.

Q: Do you store my posts?

A: The database has to store them in order to show them again but they'll automatically be deleted after the expiration period. The tables storing this data are purposely excluded from the site's backups.

Q: I don't believe you.

A: Then adopt an encryption scheme or use the provided in-browser AES tool, share the keys with your friends in advance, and post encrypted blobs.

Q: I forgot my encryption key.

A: Do you even computer bro?

Q: How do you make money off me?

A: Google Ad page impressions and CoinBase referrals for BitCoin.

Q: It's annoying that I have to keep track of a link and not have my sessions cached.

A: You don't deserve to whine about privacy. Go back to FaceBook.