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I suppose if the Soldiers are on a "soft shoe profile" that doesn't count as boots.

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Congress does not seem to understand the authority it holds from the Constitution. The ability to end any presence of American forces overseas rests entirely in their hands.

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That's one way to find unwitting participants for your cause ...

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For the conspiracy theorists out there, the United States did NOT get the first oil contracts out of Iraq.

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Viewing the "sandal thrower" as success is not obvious - until you consider this never would have happened under the prior regime.

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It's like they're not even trying to be independent.

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Everybody like dessert ... nobody likes deserters.

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There aren't many movies that I won't finish watching, but from my Iraq experiences, I couldn't stand The Hurt Locker.

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On 15 October 2005, I patrolled through Baghdad, Iraq to witness a moment in history.

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We laugh at them ... but the USA is ripe with people swearing by crystals, gongs, and homeopathy.

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Laying Soldiers off in the midst of combat just screams of the lunacy in Catch-22.

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A photographic narrative of an American soldier's patrol experience through Baghdad.

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It's not the heat, it's the humidity ... no ... it's the fucking heat.

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The art of military deception is timeless and practiced by all - though its best when it works in your favor.

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Personally, I would like to go back one day and see the history there.

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... the beginning of an end. Or is it?

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