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Iraqis Look for Bombs with Divination

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Bomb detection is a crucial part of high security practices and a number of methods and technologies have developed over the years. The "organic" approach involves physically looking or using trained animals like dogs to sniff out the vapors often present from explosives. Stand-off technologies can involve mass spectrometers, x-rays or mechanical sniffers to keep humans further away from the suspected devices. But rather than use tried and true methods, the Iraqis have opted for divination through the use of the ADE 651 device. For up to $65K, an Iraqi will get a metal rod attached by a swivel to a handgrip. According to the Army's MG Rowe, "I don’t believe there’s a magic wand that can detect explosives ... I have no confidence that these work." Perhaps the Iraqis should save a few thousand and invest in some Ouija Boards. Insha'Allah indeed.

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