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Baghdad Officials to Round Up Needy

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Al-Qaeda in Iraq will literally recruit _anyone_ to be suicide bomber, even when they're incapable of knowing they are suicide bombers. It is not without prior precedent, but the practice received more global recognition when the story broke about mentally handicapped women from psychiatric hospitals being utilized for suicide missions. Their particular role led to the deaths of more than 100 civilians in a crowded market. (NOTE: It has since been reported that follow-up investigations proved the women were not afflicted with Down's Syndrome but were treated for psychiatric ailments.) Al-Qaeda's new practice has prompted an initiative to round up Baghdad's homeless and mentally challenged in an effort to deprive the insurgents of utilizing the unwitting (and probably unwilling) as weapons. A spokesman from the Interior Ministry says, "Militant groups, like al Qaeda in Iraq, have started exploiting these people in a very bad manner to kill innocents because they do not raise suspicions. These groups are either luring those who are desperate for money to help them in their attacks or making use of their poor mental condition to use them as suicide bombers."

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