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Internet Plausible Deniability

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One of the keys to being able to conduct an illegal activity in the unforeseeable future of course is to have established a life pattern that suggests plausible deniability. The Internet is rife with opportunities to do dark and devious things ... but the first rule of hacking is not to shit where you eat. But perhaps that's not always a possibility. Should you open your home network for public use NOW as a means of establishing a precedent that somebody else could have conducted the malicious activity later?

There's of course great risk to doing this - somebody very well may actually use your connection for illegal activity or other questionable activity. But, depending on how serious you are about establishing plausible deniability, this could be a good thing. It's not without precedent already. Comcast is already on a roll converting people's home WiFi routers (their company's equipment of course) into public access points. People have also long volunteered their home connections to be Tor exit nodes.

Soooo ... should you open? Or not?

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