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The only thing more vulnerable to getting infected and used by everyone is your Mom.

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For 18 minutes in 2010, a BGP anomaly resulted in nearly 15% of the Internet's traffic being routed through China. What really happened?

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When other people's IoT does your bidding, anything is possible.

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Microsoft got caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

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I think we always secretly knew ... and appropriately judged our peers.

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Seems plausible?

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You never know who is actually reading your content. On OmniNerd, the content posted by the site's users actually attracted a posting by terrorist sympathizers.

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Looking back to 1992, my experience with the Internet has spanned a lot of technical changes.

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I hope Snowden is enjoying all his data privacy where he fled to.

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Centralized trust is great until the trusted party screws it all up.

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Too bad it only run the whole Internet.

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