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Google's DeepMind Trained in FPS CTF Combat

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It would appear the friendly researchers at Google's DeepMind labs have achieved another milestone in Artificial Intelligence gaming. A machine is now routinely better at defeating humans the open source, first-person-shooter, Quake III Arena's capture the flag mode. The feat was particularly challenging because the machine could not just learn from one screen and analyze a limited number of rules. Under Quake III, the machine learned from it's immersion in 3D space, it's view of the red vs blue player map, it's interpretation and execution of CTF rules, it's ability to strategize offense and defense by killing other players, it's ability to evade other players ... the list goes on.

Let's see, what combination of AI and machine sensors are out there already that put together will end humanity?

We. Don't. Stand. A. Chance.

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