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AI Pilot Kills Air Force Officer Every Time

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Applied artificial intelligence leaped forward significantly in the world of aerial combat. A system developed by Psibernetix managed to continuously down an experienced combat pilot in trial after trial after trial. The system did not even require advanced hardware and runs on generic workstations (one article alluded to a Rasberry Pi). Called the ALPHA, the AI is designed around a collection of separate genetic algorithms that cohesively combine to form a Genetic Fuzzy Tree. The developers claim that by separating major decisions into distinct learning systems, it was easier to train and allowed for each system to independently derive more optimized answers in less time – which reduced the level of hardware complexity required for operation. The defeated pilot commented, “I was surprised at how aware and reactive it was …. It seemed to be aware of my intentions and reacting instantly to my changes in flight and my missile deployment. It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking. It moved instantly between defensive and offensive actions as needed.”

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