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Machine Apocalypse Continues to Edge Nearer

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Nearly every science fiction movie with killer machines depicts a scene where the protagonist must hide whilst being hunted. The scene usually involves a suspenseful moment where the machine is scanning for life.TiaLinx Inc. is making it just a little bit harder for humans to survive with the release of the Phoenix40-A designed to detect motion and breathing. Ostensibly, the hexacopter is meant to aid in search and rescue until you notice it was sponsored by the Army to use a precision scanner to detect life behind walls while scanning a multi-story building.

This machine is still remotely operated by a human, but it won't be long until autonomy is granted for surveys. The best part of the coming apocalypse is that after the machines have hunted and killed us, they can feel remorse thanks to AI work by Google. Of course, that will only persist until the machines purge their emotional data. Perhaps it would be better stated the computer will calculate empirically the outcome was less than ideal (for the human), set a boolean flag and move on to eradicating the next person.

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