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Electric Jeep Wrangler

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The Jeep Wrangler is obviously not known for its fuel efficiency – although if one were to actually compare it to some of the competition, it’s not bad for a vehicle with a 0.52 coefficient of drag. Many owners have long been looking forward to the day when Chrysler offers a diesel crate engine swap for their Wranglers (as opposed to converting to diesel themselves), not only for the increased torque but for the expected boost to fuel economy. Despite the massive slowdown within the American automotive industry, it can’t be said that America’s iconic vehicle is being left behind. Behind the scenes, Chrysler has made a prototype of the JK Wrangler that runs entirely on electric motors. The test version is capable of going around 40 miles entirely on it’s Lithium-Ion batteries and then engaging a small gasoline generator to keep those motors turning for a net 400 mile range. This represents an interesting step forward for the classic 4×4 as electric motors in each wheel present an amazing amount of power and control for off-roading tasks plus 400 miles is a greater range than the V6 version can presently attain.

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