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CIA Torture Report

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The bad press for the CIA is old news, everyone already knew about the waterboarding and the torture allegations at secret sites around the world. However, everything has come back into the limelight with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's release of a scathing report on the CIAs' detention and interrogation programs. Originally, the document was a highly classified 6000 page report that after heavy redactions, resulted in a few hundred pages available to the public. The public version seems highly damning with regards to the methods and techniques not working effectively, but it really makes one wonder what is hidden in the other 5500~ish pages? The CIA leadership are not denying the methods but are adamant the methods were effective and continue to insist they were instrumental in located the Hide-n-Seek World Champion Osama bin Laden. Regardless of how the politicians spin the fingerpointing, the government is already bracing for reprisal attacks from the terrorist cells that can now read about what happened to their captured brethren.

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