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Can You Shoot Down A Drone On Your Property?

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Private drone use is skyrocketing and the regulations surrounding their use is both limited and not widely known. While people are finding creative uses for drones in the form of photography and video, some of those applications are bordering on disruptive to others. They are certainly a safety problem with regards to airliners as FAA reports indicate the number of near strikes are rapidly increasing. (This YouTube video shows a drone strike against an aircraft winglet during a landing approach).

However, a little closer to home are the cases of drones being used to "peep" on private citizens. A Kentucky man was charged last summer after shooting down a drone using a shotgun that he reported was filming his daughter. He was charged with first degree criminal mischief and first degree wanton endangerment. That begs a really interesting question though, what are your rights regarding private drones that are operating in your private space? And if those rights are insufficient, what should those rights be?

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