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Considering Bill Clinton's history with North Korea, this particular one just defies logic.

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I wonder what his offspring will be like?

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57 years these two countries have been fighting each other.

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"$50 dollar bills! $50 dollar bills!" ~ Data, the Goonies

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And just like that ... the years of failure were finally legit.

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Kim Jong-Il and Bashar al-Assad walk into a bar ... nothing funny happens, it's shady as shit.

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The DPRK took advantage of the world's attention being turned elsewhere ...

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For the record North Korea, I loved The Interview.

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A cat backed into a corner is not an ideal situation ... a crazy cat in a corner is completely unpredictable.

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North Korea is that kid who agrees not to take your lunch money in exchange for not hitting you and then hits you again for more lunch money.

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