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Sony Caves to North Korea

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The motivation behind the massive hack against Sony Pictures became more clear in the past few days. Seth Rogen's and James Franco's new film The Interview is at the heart of the attacks from North Korea for its portrayal of a comedic assassination attempt on Kim Jong-un. Following the cyber-attack were many messages posted to pastebin from the alleged hackers included one presumably threatening violence to movie-goers that simply stated, "We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places ‘The Interview’ be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to. Remember the 11th of September 2001." At first, Sony pictures remained defensive but on Wednesday night the media giant caved to North Korea's threats after five major chains dropped the movie.

What was the most prudent course of action - defy North Korea or cave to North Korea?

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