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Although it's the typical Spy vs Spy exchange, other nations use their collected information for corporate, economic profit.

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For the conspiracy theorists out there, the United States did NOT get the first oil contracts out of Iraq.

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Surprised? China gets their way again.

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Fighting a peer nation-state adversary is NOT the same as the COIN fight of the past two decades.

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Are there really people that still believe US adversaries aren't taking advantage of the US?

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And just like that ... science has to pursue it.

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Politicians and their plotting are why we can't have nice things.

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For 18 minutes in 2010, a BGP anomaly resulted in nearly 15% of the Internet's traffic being routed through China. What really happened?

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... you tricky malware writers!

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I'll see your bet ... and raise you FREEDOM.

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An explanation of why China normalized it's foreign policy relations with the United States in 1972 can be found using the Balance of Threat and Hegemonic Stability theories.

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