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China's Blitzkrieg Plans for Overseas American Military

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The Chinese have a plan, should the event ever arise where American military forces in the Pacific need to be neutralized. Interestingly, the particular plan in question was not discovered through secretive espionage operations, but rather found simply by reading their military doctrine and published manuals. Linguists and military experts at the Rand think-tank have spent the past year pouring over available Chinese documents attempting to reconstruct the impact on the deployed American military. Rand's research stresses that, much like any nation's defensive war gaming, "These aren’t war plans. This is the military talking to itself. It’s not designed for foreigners or even China’s general public to read."

In a nutshell, the Chinese will completely neutralize the Air Force's capability of operating in theater through a series of "first punch" strikes. Long range missiles that are capable of covering Korea and Japan would eliminate the existing Air Force arsenal and airstrips. Fighters would focus on refueling missions to prevent long range efforts from reaching the mainland. Satellites would also be knocked out to prohibit surveillance. Nuclear weapons would be used at high altitude to disrupt communications and sensors. And lastly, a barrage of explosive munitions would simultaneously impact on barracks and living quarters to create massive casualties in a swift blow. The Chinese strategy hopes to take advantage of that fact that "the American public is “abnormally sensitive” about military casualties, according to an article in China’s Liberation Army Daily, killing U.S. airmen or other personnel would spark a “domestic anti-war cry” on the home front and possibly force early withdrawal of U.S. forces."

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