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Cursing & Swearing Dictionary

Spanish (Latin America) Insults

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a la verga! - [edit]
Literally go fuck yourself/fuck off
It literally means "penis", but you use it as "go fuck yourself or fuck off!" You use it when you want to be left alone! It can be used in addition to another insult to make it more insulting such as "vete a la verga" (go fuck yourself), "me vale verga"(i dont give a fuck" "vales verga" (you're worthless). Add it afterwords: pendejo a la verga ( go fuck yourself dumass.

boludo - [edit]
Literally idiot
argentinean people tend to use this word too much...young people mostly. it's like 'dude' maybe, when you use it harmlessly; but when it's an insult means 'idiot', 'incompetent' or 'good-for-nothing' .

capullo - [edit]
ca poo yo
Literally asshole

chile-chile - [edit]
Literally maities-maities
Also this prhase has several meanings. The main is when you said to a man or woman that is afraid of doing something without a mate. You said when you are a little bit jealous about someone's platteries in behalf another person. In Mexico it is used when two groups of people have an argue and the fight is inevitable; you said 'un chile-chile' (let's stop talking), and just the rudest boys (los cabrones) in the groups are going to fight.

chinga a tu puta madre - [edit]
Literally go fuck your whore mother
It is used commonly in Mexico as an expression to someone that said something inadequate in a friendly ambient, when said with strong intonation, it is considered a great insult and depending on where you say it, you may get raped, punched or killed by the person who you said it to, or just get a laugh from him.

chupa mi pito - [edit]
chooopaw me pee toe
Literally suck my dick

chupamela - [edit]
Literally suck it for me
it's like you're saying 'you, suck this one' it often comes with a rude signal, made with your hands grabbing your package. you use it when you don't give a shit about what someone's saying to you about, or when you don't care about something example: "Hey, you've got an essay to do for tomorrow!' "Chupamela, i don't feel like doing anything" .

cueco - [edit]
Literally faggot
In Panama it is used to insult an homosexual or someone who acts girly.

culo - [edit]
Literally ass
pretty simple, rude way of saying 'butt'.

forro - [edit]
Literally jerk
it's either a condom, or in this case, as an insult: jerk 'sos un forro' (you're a jerk).

gilipollas - [edit]
Literally jackass

la concha de tu madre - [edit]
lah con-sha de too mah-dre
Literally literally "the pussy of your mother"

la puta que te pario - [edit]
la poo-tah keh teh pah-ree-oh
Literally the whore that gave you birth
kinda like 'son of a bitch', literally it's 'the whore that gave you birth' which sound not-so-agressive in english. it's an insult, you use it when you're mad XD

maricon, mariposon, marica, mariquita - [edit]
Literally faggot

me cago en tus muertos - [edit]
Literally I shit on your dead family

me chupa un huevo - [edit]
meh shoo-pah oon oo-eh-vo
Literally i suck on eggs
when you definetely don't care about something/someone. sometimes used in complete sentences like 'me chupa un huevo lo que haga' (i don't give a shit what he/she does) this person is an idiot.

no mames - [edit]
no ma:mess
Literally fuck off
A beautiful prhase to tell someone something like: 1) Unbelievable: '¡No mames!' -- Mexican Superlative of 'Are you pulling my leg? ' 2) Fuck off. 3) It's not possible. 4) No way! You are kidding! 5) It`s not true 6) Really ? 7) No shit!

pendejo - [edit]
Literally dumbass
In english it pretty much means "stupid idiot" but much harsher. "Mira este pendejo!" Look at this dumbass! "Oye, pendejo!" (when suprised at someone) Hey, dumbass!

pinche perra jariosa - [edit]
Literally fucking horny bitch.
Literal in women, with guys this is another way to say wanker.

pito - [edit]
pee toe
Literally dick

putito - [edit]
poo ti to
Literally little sissy.
You use it only with men: a)To piss off someone who is handsome. b)When you insult someone because he has sissy manners. c)Also, this is really useful instead of fellow.

que miras pendejo - [edit]
Literally what are you looking at dumbass?
LITERALLY: "What are you looking at dumb ass?" This phrase must be used carefully in Mexico. When someone looks at you in a bad way (with anger, pity or staring) you said: ¡huevos, pendejo! It is a incitement to destroy the 'someone's' face. If you have never crossed your fists against anyone, don't use it. Mexican synonyms: ¿Qué ves, puto?, ¿Te gusto o qué putarra?, ¿Qué pendejo?, ¿Qué miras tanto, putito?

travesti- --traba - [edit]
tra-vestee- --traba
Literally transvestite
travesti is the formal word, but sometimes you make it shorter by saying 'traba'

tu puta madre - [edit]
too poo tah madreh
Literally your whore mother

vete a cagar - [edit]
ve-teh a ka-gah-r
Literally go to hell
literally: 'go take a dump', but it's 'go to hell'

vete al carajo - [edit]
vet eh all car ah hoe
Literally go to hell

¿estás pendejo o qué chingado? - [edit]
Literally are you a dumb ass or what is happening in your friki mind?
1)When you blame someone because he/she/they make(s) a foolish mistake. 2)When someone ask you a stupid thing. 3)When you scold someone who screw the whole thing. 4) To shut up.

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