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Computer AI Generated Blade Runner

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Blade Runner, the dystopian future where machines hid amongst us, was an apropos choice for Terence Broad to teach his computer with. For a project, Terence used a convolutional autoencoder (pdf) to build a "learned similarity metric" where his AI was trained to watch a movie and learn to recognize whether images it was shown were in, or not in, the movie. Once he trained it, he made the machine recreate the movie from what it had learned whereupon he shared the output on Vimeo. Here's where it gets really interesting - Warner Brothers issued a DMCA takedown notice to Vimeo for that and a series of other uploads that were copies of their work. But then, the Blade Runner movie was restored when it was determined to be a completely original creation made entirely from the learnings of an AI (video examples can be seen on the link). As the writer's at Vox so eloquently summarized, "Warner had just DMCA'd an artificial reconstruction of a film about artificial intelligence being indistinguishable from humans, because it couldn't distinguish between the simulation and the real thing."

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