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Unbalanced Power in the Pacific

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China has long aimed at becoming the modern superpower of the Pacific. As far back as 1972, their normalization of relations with the United States was a stepping stone towards expanding their influence. At that time, America chomped at the bit for access to China's freshly opening markets.

Today, thirty-three years later, America is still begging to break into China's markets. The President's visit stressed Chinese reform in human rights, religious freedom and fair access for American goods into China. This year's trade deficit is slated to exceed $200 billion.

What exactly is the world giving China for these requests? They were already granted most favored nation status. They were already admitted into the World Trade Organization. China has nearly achieved its goal of Pacific dominance without giving anything back. America seems to be reeling from this sudden shift in power, and continually large trade deficit, while her collective efforts were focused elsewhere.

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