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STEM Not Required to Teach Computer Science

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The United States makes a fairly good showing for top tier universities offering quality computer science but essentially falls completely on its face with regard to the public education system. The statistics for K-12 computer science in America are dreadful with only 5% of US High Schools being certified to teach CS along with a flat-line growth in students taking the CS AP exam. A report titled "Running On Empty" by the ACM really highlights the decline of America's fundamental knowledge of computers.

So how has the US Department of Education begun to address the matter? They've provided a wonderful quote on how Title II funds, which are used as grants for getting higher quality educators, can be applied for computer science: A background in math or science isn’t necessarily a requirement to teach CS, as disciplines like English, history and civics can also provide a solid foundation for teaching CS concepts.

This is why the United States will continue to have a shitty computer science pedigree.

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