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Spoofing Self Driving AI

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In past years, hackers were known to have spoofed the radio signals utilized to relay traffic information to GPS navigation systems. This was, of course, when GPS relied on a side channel for traffic updates through FM radio before everyone used their ubiquitous smart phones to navigate. Nevertheless, it was a thing.

What's the next major traffic hack? Spoofing AI systems obviously. Security researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev conducted an experiment with a drone carrying a projector. Basically, they put false street signs (a speed limit in this case) where an AI would see and process it. As expected, the AI interpreted the fake sign and ... informed the driver of the "new speed limit." In this case, the spoofed AI was not a self-driving machine but what is referred to as a Level 0 which kept the experiment safe.

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