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Silk Road Reloaded

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The first Silk Road used to be the go to hub for all things dark and illegal lurking on the Internet - drugs, weapons, identities, etc. What was intriguing about it was the use of many technologies for anonymizing the participants such as Tor, Bitcoin, etc. But it was, of course, a target of the government and the whole thing came crashing down. Some attempts were made to resume its operation with Silk Road 2.0 but that effort did not make it very far.

Recent news shows the site may be back as Silk Road Reloaded. This time around, the dark site leverages the I2P as opposed to Tor because it will decentralize the directory and enable peer-to-peer, encrypted connections making it more difficult to identify users. Furthermore, the site permits an even greater span of digital currencies by allowing numerous alt-coins (many explicitly developed for improved anonymity) to convert into BitCoin in order to pay for the illicit stuff.

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