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Porsche Takes a Novel Approach to Electrics

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Porsche is renowned for producing awesome sports cars. For the next LeMans 24 Hour Race, Porsche has a concept 911 GT3 that takes a novel approach to using electric motors. Unlike normal hybrids that switch back and forth between electric motors and gasoline engines, the Porsche design keeps it's standard 480hp engine running full bore the entire time. This 911 uses it's electric motors (mounted at the front wheels) for a six second boost by adding up to 160 extra horses during acceleration. As far as the driver is concerned, pressing a steering wheel button engages the electric boost in much the same fashion as if a nitrous-oxide boost were being activated. Unlike NoS, the special 911 GT3 recharges a 40K RPM flywheel during braking, allowing the boost to be used over and over again.

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