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Nobody Wants Jobs Taken By Immigrants

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A common complaint by Americans is that illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs. To the contrary, immigration advocates argue that Americans don't want to work fields, be janitors, do generic landscaping, etc. etc. The United Farm Workers challenged Americans to put their money where their mouths were calling for Americans to replace Mexicans on the farms. During its lifetime, despite hundreds of thousands of Americans bellyaching about unemployment, only seven citizens / legal immigrants took up the challenge - one of which was Stephen Colbert. Participation by the comedian and his subsequent show led to an invitation by Representative Zoe Lofgren to testify before a congressional committee on his experience, a testimony he performed in character. Republicans were not amused and requested Colbert depart, however, he was allowed to finish nonetheless. "I started my my workday with preconceived notions of migrant labor, but after working with these men and women picking beans, packing corn for hours on end side by side in the unforgiving sun, I have to say -- and I do mean this sincerely -- please don't make me do this again. It is really, really hard work."

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