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VnutZ Domain is pleased to announce an incredibly simple forum for communicating with your trusted circle of friends. The site's new Ephemeral Bulletin Boards offer a completely unmanaged, unmoderated, and unmonitored means of quickly spinning up a short-lived forum.

Using the feature is simple - just click a link to create a new Ephemeral Bulletin Board and share the provided link with friends. There are no provided indexes of the boards for the public to browse through and find your conversation. Likewise, if you lose your link ... you won't find it again either but spinning up a new replacement is just as easy.

The VnutZ Domain site does not care about looking at or storing your data and conversations. On an hourly basis, the server purges messages older than 2 days along with any bulletin board that hasn't seen user activity in 3 days. The server's automated backups also exclude the bulletin board and message tables.

NOTE: An optional pre-shared encryption key feature will be rolled out in the near future to preserve your data at rest. If you lose the key, who cares, your encrypted data will be deleted in a short amount of time anyway. If you're still even more paranoid, just post pre-encrypted blobs.

NOTE: The only "monitoring" that may take place comes from the embedded Google AdSense code that VnutZ Domain relies on for monetization (e.g. server costs). If that still bothers you, just use ToR.

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