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Employers Demanding Access to Private Accounts

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It's relatively old news that employers do their research on interviewed candidates. They've done Google searches on them and checked them out on social networking sites like FaceBook. Some people finally jumped on the privacy bandwagon and locked down their accounts after realizing their drunken, topless keg stands from college are not ideal for prospective employers (or maybe it is). That didn't stop the companies from demanding candidates turnover login information to their accounts - it's even happened to people that were already employed as a condition of continued employment. Needless to say, this hasn't sat well with ... anyone. FaceBook has finally risen to the occasion and at least threatened to begin suing companies demanding illegitimate access to user accounts. One bill was already squashed in congress to make this illegal, but it was a rider on another bill. As such, the Social Networking Online Protection Act is being pushed again as an independent act.

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