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Say it ain't so!

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When we stop pushing ourselves to be smarter, we quickly retrograde.

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Why are people only supporting freedom when those freedoms are exactly like them?

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And like, God said ... "Be Excellent To Each Other" man.

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There's a lot of talk, but not as much action anymore.

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Sometimes I wonder whether following dogma too literally is really the intent a creator would desire.

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I enjoy watching dogma box itself in sometimes.

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Generally, I'm not a fan of believing things because other people say so ... but he puts a lot more thought into things than the typical person.

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Can you be married by an ordained Jedi?

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It would seem the UK has taken a more logical approach to the matter than the US.

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Keeping with the times, the Vatican makes sure to put the kibosh on modern activities.

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The Vatican now welcomes our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

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This is yet another reason why Americans are dumb.

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