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Everyone knows Grape Soda is a perfect fluid.

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Science is always turning up novel ways to make our computers better.

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In this house, we obey the Laws of Relativity!!

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When built under scientific principles, sure, they can be real.

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It's amazing how we can do a thing for hundreds of years, know that it works, but have no idea why.

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That's neat science ... but when will they mounted to a shark's forehead?

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One day the LHC will kill us all at the hands of a mad scientist - but not today.

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Local Realism is the quantum physics equivalent of flat-Earth science. You can really root out the physics n00bs based on these beliefs.

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There's always a fine line between whether a performance was the man or the machine.

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Your mama is so fat, she can block a neutrino!

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Scientists continue to advance the march towards real light sabers.

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But can you play DOOM on it?

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Imagine a camera that can take a picture of something that it cannot directly see.

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Physicists have already demonstrated separate applications of quantum entanglement that make one wonder if we could use them like a "reverse time capsule" to receive messages and technology from the future.

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If the physics behind Quantum Locking don't make your head explode, simply watching the demonstration will.

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If I can run faster than slow light, am I moving at relativistic speed?

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If you stare long enough ...

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