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oombu - [edit]
Pronounced uuu-mm-bu
Literally suck a dick
Poi Oombuda----- Fuck off Un thata soothae oombuda( Un-Da Da - Suu Thae- Ooh mm Bu da)------ Go and suck your grandfathers ass

po da thevidiyama - [edit]
Pronounced po da the vedi yama
Literally get lost fucker
"ay, get lost fucker"

poda pundae - [edit]
Pronounced poh-dah-puun-dae
Literally go away vagina
Use when a Tamil guy is annoying or getting in your way "poda pundae"

sunni - [edit]
Pronounced suhn-nee
Literally penis
Sunni Payale(pah-ya-lae) penis boy/man

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