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amputek - [edit]
Pronounced am-poo-tek
Literally none.
Mild. Evolved from the insult "Ang putang ina mo" wherein "putang ina" is replaced with "putek" (lit. "putik" meaning "mud"). Thus, "Amputek". Used as an interjection almost all the time: "Ang hirap nito amputek." (Shit, this is hard.)

bing ning la - [edit]
Pronounced bing ning la
Literally fuck my ass

bobo - [edit]
Pronounced bo-bo
Literally stupid
You are so stupid: "Bobo ka talaga!" You are a stupid person: "Bobo!" This is stupidity: "Kabobohan 'to!" Female form - Boba

bobo ka ba? - [edit]
Pronounced bo bo kah bah
Literally are you stupid?
use this when someones being stupid

bwiset - [edit]
Pronounced boo-we-set
Literally damn it, damn you!
Not a used a lot in derogatory form but also interjection form. Ex. "Bwiset!" Meaning: Oh balls, I forgot!

chinga tu madre - [edit]
Pronounced cheenga tuh maadrey
Literally fuck your mother
Hey puto, chinga tu madre!!!

gago - [edit]
Pronounced ga-go
Literally crazy idiot
Used to refer to someone who does crazy things for stupid reasons. Female form: Gaga.

hindot - [edit]
Pronounced hin'dot
Literally fuck off!
A derogatory word used in southern Philippines. A mild form of Putang ina mo.

jakol - [edit]
Pronounced jah-kol
Literally masturbate

kantot - [edit]
Pronounced can-tot
Literally to fuck

kapal ng mukha - [edit]
Pronounced ka-pal ng mu-ka
Literally thick face
Used to refer to a shameless person, thus thick-skinned. "Kapal ng mukha mong magpakita dito!" (You've got some nerve showing yourself here!) Shortcut: kapalmuks.

pul deg - [edit]
Pronounced pool dei
Literally fuck you / fuck off

putang ina mo - [edit]
Pronounced puh-tang ee-nah moh
Literally your mom's a whore
Tagalog equivalent of "Son of a bitch". May be used as an interjection, i.e. "Putang ina, ang ganda nito!" (Sonofabitch, this is great!) Shortcut: "Tangina"

putang ina mo - [edit]
Pronounced puh-tang i-nah moh
Literally son of a bitch; son of a prostitute

tanga - [edit]
Pronounced tanga
Literally stupid, or more accurately, careless
You are so stupid: "Ang tanga mo!" What is this stupidity?: "Anong katangahan ito?" Stupid person: "Tanga", "Tange", or "Tangengot"

tarantado - [edit]
Pronounced ta-ran-ta-do
Literally bastard
Can be used in conjunction with other insults, i.e. "Tarantado pala 'tong putang inang gago eh!" (This bastard's a stupid son of a bitch!) May be a harsher form of "gago."

walang hiya - [edit]
Pronounced wah-lang hee-ya (short 'a' sound)
Literally shameless
Mild insult. "Walang hiya ka! Sino ka ba sa tingin mo?" (You shameless person! Who do you think you are?) Shortcut is "Langya", may be used as an interjection, i.e. "Langya, nakakagago lang eh!" (Fuck, this makes me feel stupid!)

yawa - [edit]
Pronounced yah-wa
Literally demon
Bisaya. "Yawa lagi ka ay." (You're a fucker.) Used as an interjection, i.e. "Yawa-a ani uy!" (This is bad!) (Ambiguous in meaning if used in this sentence, as it can also mean "This is awesome!")

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