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bögjävel - [edit]
Literally fucking faggot

din mamma - [edit]
Literally your mother

din mamma är en kuksugande hora - [edit]
din mamma aer en kuksugande hora
Literally your mother is a cocksucking whore
Respond with it when someone pisses you off.

dra åt helvete - [edit]
dr'ow out hol'vata
Literally go to hell
Go to hell, Fuck off

fan ta dig - [edit]
Literally fuck you [satan take you away]
When you're simply pissed

hora - [edit]
Literally whore

jävla fitta - [edit]
yavla fitta
Literally fucking cunt

kukhuvud - [edit]
Literally dickhead

röv, arsle - [edit]
roev, arsele
Literally ass

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