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Cursing & Swearing Dictionary

Spanish (Europe) Insults

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baboso - [edit]
Literally drooling idiot

cabrón - [edit]
Literally asshole
It is not only asshole; it could be used for good intentions: 1) Estás cabrón: You're the man,telling someone that he/she has lot of experience, skill, knowledge, importance, status. 2)¡No seas cabrón!: Insensitive 3)¡Está cabrón! :Difficult, This bussiness is too diffuclt. 4)Él está cabrón: e.g.:He is mad, if you piss him off, you will loose your arms or be in comma. 5)¿Qué cabrón? : what's happening? 6) ¡Qué cabrón! It's too much fuss, it's great, it's awesome. 7) A lusty man who satisfied women, is a good fighter, is brave, has guts and behave in a gentleman way with elder and children.

cago en la leche de tu madre - [edit]
Literally i shit in your mothers milk!
When you are really unimpressed or annoyed by someone...or really, really hate them!

cago en las cuatro espinas de la corona del cristo! - [edit]
Literally i shit in the four thorns of the crown of christ!
I am really very, very pissed off and in pain! (eg, when you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer...)

caraculo - [edit]
Literally ass face
Can be used for "shithead".

chúpame la polla - [edit]
Literally suck my dick

coño - [edit]
Literally cunt
Can be used as an expression when a person is impressed or surprised. "Conyo, que dia bonito!" "Wow, What a nice day!" but of course it has a more derrogative meaning: "Damn, What a nice day!""

estes de puta - [edit]
Literally kiss my ass

gilipollas - [edit]
Literally asshole
It does mean "asshole" in a sense, but the literal translation is "dick-sucker"

hijo de puta, hijoputa - [edit]
j is pronounced like a strong h
Literally son of a bitch

la criqua de tu madre - [edit]
lah; cree-kah; deh; to; mah-dreh
Literally your mothers cunt!
¡Mandalo , por la Criqua de tu madre! Shove it up your mothers cunt. Actually, this expression is not european spanish.The word "criqua" no existe

maricón - [edit]
Literally faggot/effeminate poof/gay

mierda - [edit]
Literally shit

no me jodas - [edit]
Literally don't fuck me

perra - [edit]
Literally bitch

pinche - [edit]
Literally fucking
not european spanish either

puta - [edit]
Literally whore / bitch

puto - [edit]
Literally bitch (male)

puñeta - [edit]
Literally jack off
Pu-ñe-ta Similar to the "NG" sound in french. -credit previous author This word can also be used as an expression of anger or exclamation. If someone was to get their finger slammed in a car door, they would scream: "Puñeta!" amongst a variety of other swears and exclamations. Like - God Damnit! or Fuck! -- It is not a direct translation, but simply a usage.

tarado - [edit]
Literally asshole

tu madre es una puta fea - [edit]
Literally your mother is an ugly bitch

tu madre tambien! - [edit]
too mah' dray tahmb-yen'
Literally your mother, as well!
The quickest and most versatile response to an insult, eg: Insult: "You fu*k pigs!" Response: "...and your mother, too" (This could mean: 'I ALSO fu*k your mother!' or; 'So DOES your mother!') Another usage; Insult: "You're an asshole!" Response: "So IS your mother!" It can also be used as a follow-up to an insult delivered by you. eg; "You're a c*cksucker...and so is your mother!" Any of these usages will probably also get you killed, be warned!

tu madre... - [edit]
too mah' dray
Literally your mother...
This will get you a fight, and probably killed!

verga - [edit]
ver- gah
Literally penis
chupame la verga suck my tallywacker

vete al infierno - [edit]
Literally go to hell
when you want a christuian to go to hell

¡pila de mierda! - [edit]
pee-la deh me-air-dah
Literally pile of shit!
"What a Pile of shit!" "Que Pila de Mierda!"

¡vete a hacer puñetas! - [edit]
Literally screw you!

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