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ammata hukunda - [edit]
Pronounced um-maat-ter hoo-kun-der
Literally motherfucker

balliyo - [edit]
Pronounced bal-leo
Literally bitches
Singular : balli ; Pronunciation : bal+li

bijja - [edit]
Pronounced bij-jer
Literally penis
thoge bijja kapanawa (I will chop off your penis)

huthiga putho - [edit]
Pronounced hooth-thig-aye pooth-tho
Literally son of a whore

huththaa - [edit]
Pronounced hooth-thar
Literally cunt
ado huththaa (oi, cunt)

kiri bala - [edit]
Pronounced ki-ri bal-la
Literally lactating bitch

kiwiseeba - [edit]
Pronounced kivi -seeba
Literally cuntlicker

molay pokay? - [edit]
Pronounced mol-aye poo-kaye
Literally is your brain in your arse?
alternative pronunciation (cleaner pronunciation *) : "molay pukaay"

paka - [edit]
Pronounced pa-ker
Literally penis

paraa ballaa - [edit]
Pronounced pa-rer bal+laa
Literally fucking dog
Change according to gender of addressee; Balla = dog, Balli/ belli = bitch. (See entry for bitch)

puka - [edit]
Pronounced poo-ker
Literally arse

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