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chol bukho - [edit]
Literally eat dick

goh khor - [edit]
Literally shit eater
someone who puts his nose in everything

haroomzade - [edit]
Literally bastard

jakesh - [edit]
Literally pimp

khar - [edit]
Literally donkey

kir be naslet - [edit]
kir be naslet
Literally dick to your generation
it means sort of your generation fucked by dick or maybe it means your generation deserve dick

kuni - [edit]
Literally faggot

kuss katta - [edit]
Literally big pussy

kuss modar - [edit]
Literally mothers pussy

kussi - [edit]
Literally pussy

mirinam to kose nanat - [edit]
Literally i will shit in your moms pussy

mordagow - [edit]
Literally dead cow

mourmi bukho - [edit]
Literally eat bullets

nane kose - [edit]
nane kose
Literally mother fucker

tule saag - [edit]
Literally son of a dog

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