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Do you know a curse, swear or insult that is not listed here? Please take a moment and add your insult or add your language to the database to improve international relations. Thanks!

erdagħli żobbi - [edit]
er duh lee zob-bee
Literally suck my dick

foxx kem ghandek - [edit]
Literally 1

foxx ommok - [edit]
fosh sh'ommock
Literally (dick) in your mother's pussy

idjota - [edit]
Literally idiot

il-liba ittir - [edit]
il-liba it-teer
Literally flying cum shot

kelba - [edit]
Literally bitch

madonna - [edit]
madon na
Literally the vergin may
This is not an insult, but can be used as one if the words "haqq" or "f'oxx" are used in front of it

mur hudu f'sormok - [edit]
mur oodu f'sormock
Literally go take it up your ass

qahba - [edit]
Literally prostitute

qisek oxx - [edit]
ee-sek osh
Literally you're a cunt

tafu lil tal foxx ommok? - [edit]
Literally you know who is fuck your mother ?

xiz-zobb - [edit]
shiz zop
Literally what the dick

zobb go bott - [edit]
zop jo bote
Literally cock in a can

zopp f'sormok - [edit]
zopp f'sormok
Literally dick in your ass

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