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Do you know a curse, swear or insult that is not listed here? Please take a moment and add your insult or add your language to the database to improve international relations. Thanks!

dak chuh ra - [edit]
Literally shut up

jokkah ji mah - [edit]
jock - gee - mah
Literally bullshit

kayseki - [edit]
Literally son of a bitch (u.s. english)
Add the sound "del" at the end for "bitches". The K is not a hard K sound, but is more similar to an aspirated sound between a G and K.

shibahl nom - [edit]
shi-bahl nome
Literally fucker

shibseki - [edit]
Literally whore

씨발 - [edit]
Literally fuck!
Used as an interjection when angry or surprised; equivalent to English, "Damn!", "Fuck!", or "Shit!"

애미창년 - [edit]
ae - mi - chang - nyeon
Literally you motherfucker your mother is a whore
좆까 애미창년아

좆까 멍청아! - [edit]
joht-kah mong-chong-ah!
Literally at dick idiot!
This means something along the lines of "Go fuck yourself, you asshole!"

지랄 - [edit]
Literally bullshit

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