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ahou (あほう) - [edit]
Pronounced ah-ho
Literally fool; simpleton; idiot
Common word, Na-adjective, Noun. In Kansai-ben, it's a general insult, but in standard or Tokyo Japanese it's taken seriously.

ama - [edit]
Literally bitch

baka (ばか) - [edit]
Pronounced bah-ka
Literally idiot; fool; touched in the head; out of it; space case;
Common word, Noun, Suffix. Not a strong insult in standard Japanese, but taken seriously in Kansai.

chin chin - [edit]
Pronounced cheen cheen
Literally penis, dick

daiban - [edit]
Pronounced die-ban
Literally shit

dikusoka - [edit]
Pronounced dih-ku-so-ka
Literally dicksucker
What you call a lesbian during a Japanese food fight....jk.

fakku anata ( ファック あなた ) - [edit]
Pronounced fah- ku- ah - na - ta
Literally fuck you
It means fuck you. Please note 'anata' is the polite version of 'you'. Since the japanese do not swear - yes that is true! - it is conceivable that if they are tricked into using saying 'anata fakku' (where fakku is a direct translation of fuck) it seems proper for them to use 'anata'.

fushidarana on'na (ふしだらな女) - [edit]
Pronounced fu-shi-da-ra-naon-na
Literally slut

fuzakennayo - [edit]
Pronounced foo-za-ken-na-yo
Literally stop bullshitting me; you're fucking kidding me; you're full of shit

kisama - [edit]
Literally you; bastard
similar to teme, although this is the harshest word for "you". so expect a fight after you say this word.

kono kusottare jiji - [edit]
Pronounced ko-no kuso-ta-rei ji-ji
Literally shitty old goat

kuso - [edit]
Literally shit

kutabare - [edit]
Pronounced koo-tah-bar-eh
Literally drop dead

mesuinu - [edit]
Literally bitch (female dog)

shikima - [edit]
Literally horny

teme - [edit]
Pronounced teh-meh
Literally you
Use this when some one you loath is in front of you to trigger a fight.

yariman - [edit]
Literally slut

yarou - [edit]
Pronounced yar-o
Literally bastard
Can be used as a mild insult depending on the tone of voice. The more harsher the tone, the more psychological impact it is to others. Also can be used with baka to make a masculine, harsh version of 'idiot' in 'bakayaro'.

ちくしょ - [edit]
Pronounced chikusho
Literally shit; damn (emphatic sense)
(lit.: beast)

ちち - [edit]
Pronounced chi chi
Literally boobs
nickname of a student in the USA (Charles)

ディックヘッド - [edit]
Pronounced dii kuh heh doh
Literally dick head

畜生目 (chikushoume) - [edit]
Pronounced chi-ku-sho-meh
Literally son of a bitch

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