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(mind) ei koti. - [edit]
Literally i don't give a fuck.

ime võmpa. - [edit]
Literally suck cock.

koer nikkus sinu koledat ema tema haisvasse vittu. - [edit]
Literally a dog fucked your ugly mother in her stinking cunt.

kukkugu sul munn magades otsast. - [edit]
Literally may your dick fall off while you're asleep.

laku mu kotte. - [edit]
Literally lick my balls.

ma annan sulle jalaga munadesse. - [edit]
Literally i'll kick you between your balls.

ma hüppan oma palja persega su näole. - [edit]
Literally i will jump on your face with my naked ass.
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mine niku ennast kusagil. - [edit]
Literally go fuck yourself somewhere.

mine perse - [edit]
mee-neh perr-seh
Literally literal translation go to ass
meant as go to hell in english. also, used as fuck off. using "perse!" with a rough R is used as "fuck!" in English

mine putsi - [edit]
Literally fuck you

türa - [edit]
Literally cunt

ära nussi minuga. - [edit]
Literally don't fuck with me.

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