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chòu biǎozi - [edit]
Literally stinking whore

gan nee niang - [edit]
gan nee niang
Literally fuck your mother
How can you do that to me? Gan nee niang!//// Gan nee niang, This is awesome!

go ri de - [edit]
go ( rrr sound with curled tongue) deh
Literally dog fucker
vulgar insult

suo wo de diao - [edit]
shweh wu deh diao
Literally suck my dick

操你祖宗十八代! - [edit]
tsao nee zoo zhong shrr bah dye (cao4 ni3 zu2 zong1 shi2 ba1 dai4)
Literally fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors
Anytime, anywhere.

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