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Do you know a curse, swear or insult that is not listed here? Please take a moment and add your insult or add your language to the database to improve international relations.

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talibanter - [edit]
Pronounced ta li banter
Literally having humour with someone and referencing with an extremist

глупак - [edit]
Pronounced glupak
Literally fool

да ти го начукам - [edit]
Pronounced da ti go nachukam
Literally screw you
Literally means screw you in a very rough way.

да ти еба майката - [edit]
Pronounced da ti eba maikata
Literally i will fuck your mother

еби се - [edit]
Pronounced ebi se
Literally go fuck yourself
When you want to get rid of someone

еби си майката - [edit]
Pronounced ebi si maikata
Literally fuck your mother
brutal curse

задник, гъз - [edit]
Pronounced zadnik, gaz
Literally ass

заеби - [edit]
Pronounced zaebi
Literally fuck it

кретен - [edit]
Pronounced kreten
Literally retarded fool

кур - [edit]
Pronounced kur
Literally dick,penis,cock

курва - [edit]
Pronounced kurva
Literally whore

кучи син - [edit]
Pronounced kuchi sin
Literally son of a bitch

лайна / говна / дриcня - [edit]
Pronounced laina / govna / drisnia
Literally shit / shit / diahrrea

мамка му - [edit]
Pronounced mamka mu
Literally fuck

педераст - [edit]
Pronounced pederast
Literally fag

пичка ти лелина - [edit]
Pronounced pichka ti lelina
Literally in your aunt's pussy
brutal swearing

простак ниеден - [edit]
Pronounced prostak needen
Literally bufoon unequal
Not a very rough insult, but does the job nonetheless.

путка - [edit]
Pronounced putka
Literally cunt

свирка / минет - [edit]
Pronounced svirka / minet
Literally blowjob

тъпо копеле - [edit]
Pronounced tupo kopele
Literally dumbass bastard

хуй - [edit]
Pronounced hui
Literally dick

цуни ме отзад/цуни ма отзад - [edit]
Pronounced tsuni me otzad
Literally kiss my ass

шибаняк - [edit]
Pronounced shibanyak
Literally mother fucker

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