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What's Next After Bin Laden?

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News on the street is that UBL (Osama bin Laden) was killed by Seal Team 6. According to reports, the location in Abbottabad was identified by the CIA after years of monitoring UBL's couriers. UBL was residing in a mansion-like facility just outside of Islamabad, Pakistan. As a point of political embarrassment to the Pakistanis that have long claimed to "be doing everything to assist," the facility was only a few football field lengths away from the Pakistani Military Academy (their version of West Point). When the intelligence was solid, President Obama authorized the raid whereupon forces were inserted rapidly by helicopter. The entire operation took less than forty minutes with no losses to American forces. As public enemy number one, UBL had a long history of conflict with the United States dating back into the 1990's with attempted World Trade Center bombings, embassy attacks, etc. Although the action will inevitably stir conspiracy theorists, UBL's body was buried at sea shortly after the raid. Reasons behind the action were to abide by Islamic tradition of burial with a single day (so as not to incite further violence) and to prevent any single location from becoming a shrine to extremists.

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