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US Admits to Cyber Attack Against Iran

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As per usual, "anonymous" officials have made public particularly damning statements about the United States' and Israel's involvement in the cyber attacks against the Iranian nuclear program. Reverse engineers around the globe have speculated about the involvement of the two nations in both Stuxnet and Duqu, but there has never been any proof positive towards either other than coincidental political goals. New York Times' article Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran basically lays out an affirmation the program began under the Bush Administration but was continued and ramped up under the Obama Administration as an alternative solution to derailing the Iranian nuclear weapons program in lieu of a pre-emptive military strike by the Israelis. Considering the stance America recently took on what it considers acts of war in the cyber domain, it's particularly disturbing the officials would admit to performing those very acts against an adversary. Naturally, the "anonymous" officials won't face a lifetime in prison for such a breach of national security, a punishment reserved for everyone else (such as Bradley Manning).

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