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UAVs as a Milestone In Military History

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Throughout the ages, particular advancements in weaponry significantly changed the face of warfare - things like catapults, the machine gun, airplanes, paratroopers, nuclear bombs. Now, the various forms of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) like Predators and its missile equipped version, "Reapers": are being credited as the next major advancement in changing how wars are fought. After the worlds most advanced fighter [F-22 Raptor] was canned, Secretary Gates has already indicated the F-35 would be the last manned fighter.

According to USAF LTG Deptula, "The future of how you use these un-manned systems or remotely piloted systems is really unlimited. We need to open our minds and think more about capability and impact we are going to achieve as opposed to how we've done business in the past." Robotics warfare expert Peter Singer reminds us the important thing to remember is that despite the amazing success in using UAVs for reconnaissance, C2 and even for the astonishing kill record on high value targets, "there is no such thing as a permanent first maneuver advantage." The barrier to entry on UAVs is remarkably cheap (where units for small unit observation can be obtained as high quality toys) so it will not be long before our adversaries begin using UAVs as well.

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