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The Science of Cow Flatulence

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For nearly a decade, scientists have been seeking a technique for reducing the amount of methane gas released by cattle when they burp and fart. The bovine emissions add up; in Australia alone they have been attributed to 90% of the nation's methane emissions. By volume, some estimates have even put the bovine methane release above the CO2 from automobiles.

Proposed solutions include special dietary pills designed to boost a cow's metabolism to process more food and reduce methane emissions. New research, however, is looking to adapt the bacteria found in kangaroo stomachs to survive within cattle and sheep. The bacteria would not only neutralize the methane, but also boost the conversion of food to energy within the animals allowing ranchers to save up to 15% on feed.

(Of course, in the absence of any sound techniques, they can always unleash Diablo II players to powerlevel their way through the Cow Level)

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