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The Pursuit of AI

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The advance of machines and industrialized robots tends to come with mixed feelings. Workers themselves are often afraid their tradecraft will become obsolete and they'll be forced into unemployment. Meanwhile, management looks upon the replacement of humans as increasing the safety margin, improving the product precision and ultimately cost-saving. Largely, the effect of machinery in the industrial age has been felt by the blue-collar worker. What will impact the white collar management and think tanks? This is where the advances of artificial intelligence come to question. Many experts perceive the nexus between artificial and human intelligence to meet within the next couple of decades with critical milestones including intelligence of a 3rd grader, passing the Turing test and eventually exhibiting Nobel Prize winning intellect. With that level of intelligence they also predict a purging of humans from many white collar, soft skill industries. Would the new divide create an unspannable humanity gap between those capable of taking advantage of all the robotics and artificial intelligence and those rendered obsolete by it?

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