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Teacher Preaches in Public Classroom

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David Paszkiewicz of the Kearny School District faces public scrutiny over religious discourse delivered in his high school history class. One of his students, Matthew LaClair, broke the story by providing taped recordings of Paszkiewicz's lectures (MP3 Audio | Transcript). In September, the teacher spoke on the fallacies of evolution and described dinosaurs as present on Noah's Ark. He continued telling his students that, "If you reject his [Jesus] gift of salvation, then you know where you belong ... If you reject that, you belong in hell." Although there are outliers, the people of Kearny generally support Paszkiewicz, even calling for the suspension of LaClair for his disruptions. Despite the non-disputed evidence of Paszkiewicz's behavior, no current action has been taken against the teacher by the school district, reflecting the community's partial consent.

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