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Super Double Secret Squirrel Helicopter

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During the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, one of the military's helicopters was lost. While that normally wouldn't be of much interest, speculators looking at the wreckage photographs have noticed it was something unusual. Aviation experts believe it was a heavily modified Blackhawk UH-60. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, "had this particular helicopter not crashed, we still would have no idea of its existence." Many elements of its appearance bear similarity to technology found on the RAH-66 Comanche. First unveiled in 1995, the Comanche was canceled in 2004 to divert funds towards the National Guard and Reserve forces. The vehicle featured a number of technological breakthroughs with regards to making a stealth helicopter. Considering also the raid was a coordinated effort between the Navy SEALs and the CIA, helicopter technologies from the mythical CIA black helicopters.1

1. In Allen Dulles's book The Craft Of Intelligence, he discusses the process the CIA went through to create virtually silent helicopters.

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